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Baroness Ruth Hunt

With over 20 years’ experience of leading campaigns for the LGBTQ+ communities, Baroness Ruth Hunt is a respected and influential communicator who, with charm and humour, helps audiences of all sizes and experiences understand how they can build cultures that work, and bring minority voices into the room.

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Baroness Ruth Hunt

About Baroness Ruth Hunt

Baroness Ruth Hunt is a celebrated communicator, known for her engaging and insightful presentations that combine charm and humour to help audiences understand how to create inclusive cultures and amplify minority voices. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in LGBTQ+ advocacy, Ruth’s journey reached a significant milestone in 2019 when she became the youngest cross-bench peer in the House of Lords.

Together with her partner Caroline Ellis, Ruth co-directs Deeds and Words, a consultancy dedicated to working with executive teams to foster collective and inclusive leadership. Their mission is to demonstrate how these leadership models can enhance organisational effectiveness and create environments where trust and collaboration thrive.

Ruth’s impactful tenure as CEO and Director of Campaigns at Stonewall, Europe’s foremost LGBTQ+ charity, is a testament to her dedication and influence. She spearheaded pivotal campaigns, including initiatives to tackle homophobia in schools and the widely acclaimed Rainbow Laces campaign with the Premier League, which promoted LGBTQ+ inclusivity in sports.

A graduate of Oxford University and a former President of the Oxford University Students Union, Ruth brings academic rigor to her work, complemented by her role as a Visiting Fellow at Jesus College Cambridge. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences, regardless of their background or knowledge level, makes her a sought-after speaker.

Ruth’s keynotes explore the evolution of workplace culture and leadership. She delves into the necessity of collective leadership and inclusive practices to replace outdated models, fostering trust and enhancing organisational performance. Additionally, she addresses the growing importance of psychological safety in both personal and professional contexts, outlining practical steps to create safer, more effective environments.

In her discussions on allyship and authenticity, Ruth highlights the progress made towards a more equitable society while emphasising the work that remains. Her thought-provoking presentations encourage audiences to challenge the status quo and embrace progressive changes, paving the way for a more tolerant and inclusive world.

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