Fehinti Balogun

Fehinti Balogun is a distinguished multimedia creative, leveraging his platform and artistry to catalyze meaningful conversations and drive action in the realms of climate justice and equality.


Fehinti Balogun

In the realm of acting, Fehinti has garnered acclaim with lead roles on major platforms such as HBO, Netflix, ITV, BBC, and Paramount Plus. His compelling performances resonate with audiences, addressing themes that go beyond entertainment and delve into the pressing issues of our time.

As a versatile writer and creative, Fehinti’s work has been prominently featured in publications like the New York Times, as well as various global news outlets. His ability to articulate complex issues, in particular and engage audiences through various mediums underscores his commitment to driving awareness and change.

Fehinti’s impact extends beyond screens and pages—his dynamic speaking engagements have taken him to prestigious platforms such as Cambridge University, the UN’s COP 26 climate summit, the Scottish Parliament, London Mayoral Hall, NBC Universal, YouTube’s Creator Summit, and the EF Global Leadership Summit. His TED Talk – How to find your voice for climate action, viewed by over a million people, stands testament to his compelling ability to communicate and inspire.

Trained in theatre and television performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Fehinti places a strong emphasis on human connection as a means of understanding and altering perspectives. His global experiences, both in speaking and traveling, have reinforced his belief in the transformative power of investing energy and dialogue in diverse spaces to effect positive change.

In his mission to empower individuals, Fehinti not only imparts confidence but also underscores the transformative power of every voice. Through his art, advocacy, and influential presence, Fehinti Balogun continues to be a driving force for climate change, pushing boundaries and fostering a world where conversations lead to impactful actions.

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Fehinti Balogun

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