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Kate Ancketill

Kate, CEO of GDR consultancy, is a renowned expert in business futurism. With 25 years of experience, she simplifies complex global shifts into actionable insights. Known for decoding emerging technologies and societal trends, she offers strategies for commercial success, focusing on AI’s impact, the future of retail, and upcoming consumer behavior trends.

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Kate Ancketill

About Kate Ancketill

Kate, a visionary pioneer in business futurism, offers unparalleled insights into the near-term future, decoding intricate societal transformations and cutting-edge technologies with unparalleled clarity. As the esteemed CEO and founder of GDR, a premier consultancy specializing in trends, foresight, and strategy, Kate has curated a remarkable legacy over 25 years, collaborating with over 30 global titans such as P&G, Microsoft, and Google, among others.

Harnessing GDR’s profound research and strategic acumen, Kate shapes complex global phenomena into captivating narratives, seamlessly blending data-driven analysis with visually stunning presentations. Her expertise spans from navigating climatic and economic shifts to deciphering the impact of exponential technologies, all while elucidating consumer trends and facilitating seamless commercial adaptation.

A fixture at the prestigious NRF Big Show for a decade, Kate consistently garners top accolades for her thought-provoking presentations, drawing praise from industry luminaries like Martin Reardon, former CMO of Macy’s. Her keynote delves into pivotal themes shaping our world, from the transformative influence of AI on consumer-brand dynamics to the evolution of retail landscapes, both physical and digital.

Kate’s repertoire extends to illuminating the future of consumer behaviour, offering invaluable insights into upcoming generational paradigms and their profound implications for businesses worldwide. By exploring how emerging cohorts will redefine work, leisure, and consumption patterns, Kate empowers organisations to proactively adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.

With a proven track record of inspiring audiences and delivering actionable strategies for success, Kate emerges as a beacon of optimism and foresight, guiding businesses towards short and medium-term triumphs amidst a landscape of unprecedented change.

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