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Paul McKenna

Dr. Paul McKenna is the most accomplished hypnotist globally, renowned for his television programs and celebrity engagements. He provides captivating experiences for corporate audiences aimed at alleviating stress and anxiety, addressing mental health issues, boosting self-confidence, and fostering a positive mindset.

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Paul McKenna

About Paul McKenna

Dr. Paul McKenna, Ph.D., stands as a beacon in the world of hypnotism, acclaimed globally for his groundbreaking TV shows and high-profile celebrity collaborations. Paul McKenna’s extraordinary talent in hypnotism offers corporate audiences an unforgettable experience aimed at melting away stress, conquering anxiety, addressing mental health issues, boosting self-confidence, and nurturing a positive mindset.

Recently, the London Times named Paul McKenna one of the world’s foremost modern gurus, placing him alongside such luminaries as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Over the past decade, Paul has sold more than 10 million books, sharing his wisdom and techniques with Hollywood’s elite, Olympic gold medalists, rock stars, top business leaders, and even royalty, guiding them through transformative personal journeys.

In his corporate engagements, Paul McKenna brings a treasure trove of techniques to help teams perform at their peak. Whether it’s managing stress, fostering a positive outlook in challenging times, increasing self-confidence, or simply elevating the mood, Paul’s sessions are interactive, often involving enthusiastic audience participation to effectively demonstrate his methods.

Paul McKenna firmly believes that success and happiness are not merely the products of luck, but the results of intentional thinking and action. Over the past thirty years, he has empowered millions to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress, and build self-confidence through his proven techniques.

Paul’s offerings include dynamic keynotes and immersive full-day workshops tailored for corporate audiences. Whether engaging with board members or the entire workforce, and available both online and in person, Paul’s sessions promise a vibrant, insightful experience. He equips his audiences with the tools to navigate their path to success and happiness with newfound clarity and assurance, ensuring a lasting impact long after the session ends.

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