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Rose Eskafi

Rose, a certified Mindfulness practitioner and Psychology graduate, leads Still Chill, providing workshops for companies like LUSH and Nike. Her focus spans self-compassion, authentic leadership, and emotional regulation. Hailing from Iran, Germany, and the UK, Rose bridges cultures through mindfulness. Committed to universal mental health care accessibility, she champions societal betterment.

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Rose Eskafi

About Rose Eskafi

Rose is a beacon of mindfulness with a Master’s in Mindfulness & Compassion and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Formerly heading People and Wellbeing at gal-dem, she founded Still Chill, crafting talks, workshops, and wellness initiatives for corporate giants like LUSH, Nike, and Snapchat.

With roots in Iran, born in Germany, and bloomed in the UK, Rose’s work fosters cultural bridges through awareness, acceptance, and compassion. Her mission? Making mental health care universally accessible, particularly to those committed to societal betterment.

In her nurturing spaces, attendees gather to learn, relate, and cultivate self-compassion—a cornerstone of her speaking topics. From mindful management to authentic leadership, Rose’s insights resonate deeply, guiding audiences in regulating emotions and embracing unconventional paths.

Her speaking engagements delve into nurturing the relationship with oneself (self-compassion), mindful management, authentic leadership, regulating emotions at work, and embracing unconventionality (her story).

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rose finds solace in crocheting, globetrotting, and indulging in well-deserved naps. As she continues her journey of fostering understanding and empathy, Rose’s impact reverberates, creating ripples of positivity and connection in a world that often feels overwhelming.

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