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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell, an Apprentice winner turned entrepreneur, champions apprenticeships and startup support through Bright Ideas Trust. Awarded an MBE for his enterprise contributions, he advises on diversity for AMS and OSTC Group. As Lord Sugar’s aide, he imparts entrepreneurial wisdom. Tim’s advocacy extends to education boards and the Windrush Commemoration Committee, embodying the fusion of entrepreneurship and social impact, leaving an indelible mark on diversity, inclusion, and education landscapes.

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Tim Campbell

About Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is an entrepreneurial luminary dedicated to empowering others. Rising to fame by clinching victory in The Apprentice, he leveraged his platform to advocate for apprenticeship opportunities. Collaborating with the Mayor of London, he pioneered initiatives to bolster apprenticeship recruitment and founded Bright Ideas Trust, a social enterprise fostering startups from marginalized backgrounds. Awarded an MBE for his contributions to enterprise culture, Tim continues to make waves, now serving as Lord Sugar’s aide on The Apprentice.

Transitioning from his role at London Underground, Tim embarked on a transformative journey with Alan Sugar, spearheading Amstrad’s venture into the health and beauty sector. Witnessing the untapped potential of unemployed youth aspiring to entrepreneurship, he recognized the need for guidance and investment. Thus, he established the Bright Ideas Trust, a beacon of support for budding entrepreneurs.

Tim’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors. As Regional Head of Africa and Trading Futures lead for OSTC Group, he actively recruits diverse future traders. Additionally, he provides strategic guidance on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for AMS, a global talent acquisition firm.

A captivating speaker, Tim shares his entrepreneurial odyssey, emphasizing the essence of confidence, planning, perseverance, and relationship-building in business success. Advocating for inclusive practices, he underscores the transformative power of education and apprenticeships in driving social mobility and community impact.

Furthering his advocacy, Tim sits on the City of London Corporation’s Education Board and supports the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards. His involvement spans diverse spheres, including membership in Livery Companies, participation in the International Visitor Leadership Program, and contribution to the Government’s Windrush Commemoration Committee.

Tim Campbell epitomizes the fusion of entrepreneurial spirit with social impact, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of education, diversity, and inclusion. With his unwavering dedication, Tim continues to inspire and uplift individuals from all walks of life.

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